Comber Noil (Contamination Free)

Cotton Waste

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Comber Noil (Contamination Free)

Comber Noil (Contamination Free) is the by-product of the yarn spinning process, produce when cotton is combed in fully automatic comber machine. to remove short fibres and passed through special process in dark room (UV lights) & through manual inspection to remove PP filaments, cotton seeds, pieces of plastic straps, etc. to make it for currency paper & bank note paper mill friendly. Packing in fully pressed export standard packing bales 12 Straps 160 to 170 Kg bales covered with 100% cotton cloth cover & Iron wired Packing 160 to 170 kg bales covered with 100% cotton cloth covers.

Comber Noil is useful for making currency note & security paper. We deliver the committed quality in stipulated time to our clients. We can supply quality currency comber noil up to 1000 MT per month.

Length22 m.m++
Strenght22 to 24
Mic2.5 to 3.0
Trash0 - 00%